Simple ways to lead a healthy and nutritious life!

Meet Me


Bonjour! My name is Kim Mrkva (little tidbit: Mrkva means carrot in Czech) and I am a nutritionist and dietetics student from Toledo, Ohio.  I am a nature lover, organic gardener, beginning runner, aspiring fitness model, and a lover of all things nutritious! I am a mother of two awesome kids that inspire me everyday to live life to the fullest and show them that eating healthy can be fun and DELICIOUS! I currently have a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition Science and am working towards a bachelors degree in Dietetics at Bowling Green State University.  I hope this blog inspires you to lead a more natural and nutrient dense life filled with positive energy! Love the life you live and live the life you LOVE!

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Disclaimer- Kim Mrkva is not a physician. She does not diagnose or treat disease. The information made available by her is for informational purposes only and intended solely as a sharing of knowledge.
For medical advice, consult your health care practitioner.


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