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Seek Out Nutrition and Health Advice from Credentialed Sources

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With the rise of the internet and everyone wanting to have their own little piece of the interwebs, also comes a rise in false information.  The above quote says it all.  We would like to believe that when we open up a tab to a blog, that their information is true and correct.  Not likely.  I find that the most false information is on the health/nutrition posts and blogs. 

Americans in general are pretty darn confused on what is good and what is not so good, food wise.  These confusing subjects are further discredited by individuals who feel the need to post their own information, which is most likely not correct.  Now I am not putting down those who have lost weight and choose to share their journeys and their methods online.  Kudos to them for taking charge of their health! I am talking about people with absolutely no education in nutrition finding information on talk shows and various sites and then proceeding to post the same false information on their pages and blogs. 

This is why we have experts and professionals who have taken the time to learn and study the correct diet and methods of health, fitness and weight loss.  Check the site’s “about me” section.  Have they received a degree/certification in health and fitness? If the answer is yes, you can pretty much guess that they are credentialed and are giving correct information.  If the answer is no, I would seek alternative sites to get information from.

This subject really gets under my skin simply because I have taken a large amount of time in the past years to learn and study nutrition and the correct processes and diets needing to maintain optimal health.  I see and read about “health coaches” and others that are spreading false information or pushing “health” products that definitely aren’t healthy at all.  They will argue until they’re blue in face that they are right when, in fact, they are just as misinformed as the rest of the country.  The difference is these people are selling products and giving advice to people based on pretty much nothing. 

Isolated soy protein, MLM companies, meal replacement shakes, unethical weight loss, are all just some of the things I see people trying to get others to buy or adopt as a routine.  Stick to what you know.  If you are interested in nutrition and health, then by all means take some courses at a local college.  Enroll in an online program from an accredited university. But please, do not give others health advice.  American citizens need true and concrete facts to be able to get where we need to be as a healthy society.  This rush of misinformation is only fanning the flames of the fire. 

So I ask all of you: please put down the meal replacement shakes, stop listening to so-and-so tell you what Dr. Oz said on his last show, and seek out a credentialed dietitian or nutritionist.  I am not asking you to buy any crazy products or to “lose 10 lbs in 5 days!”…I am simply saying if you are going to invest in your future and your health, make smart choices and listen to the experts. 


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