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Meal Replacement Shakes?! Please. How about some REAL NUTRITION!

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ImageAnyone that knows me knows full well that I do not advocate for any pre-made, pre-packaged health products.  Yes, I’m talking Herbalife, Advocare, South Beach, Special K, Slim Fast, etc.  I have had it out with numerous Herbalife coaches (or whatever they want to call themselves since they have no education on nutrition for the most part) that their products are not healthy and I would please ask them to stop giving health advice to people.  So, you’re telling me that you are going to sell your product to people and not know what’s wrong with the product? Then WHY are you selling it to people?! The American consumer is already far too confused on what they should and should not be eating as well as deciphering between the marketing hype and what are true facts.  I am sure this blog will receive the same auto-typed response to my hatred for Herbalife and companies like it.  “Do my research and I’ll change my mind” I have had this response VERBATIM from a few of their distributors.  Sounds to me like they’re trained to respond the same way to the naysayers.  I am truly getting off my point that we need to stop buying this crap.  If there are vitamins, minerals, and protein in their “amazing” shakes then make your own NATURAL shake with the same vitamins, minerals, and protein.  Save yourself the sucralose.  Yes SUCRALOSE! When I was approached years back to become a distributor I went to try out the shakes and learn more.  I looked on the label and stopped at the artificial sugar and asked about why it was in there if their products are SO healthy.  They shrugged it off with a kind of Ron Burgundy response – “it’s science”.  The bottom line here is NO I do not need to do more research or go back to school to know that I wont buy, sell, advocate to my clients to EVER buy these products.  Let’s start a REAL FOOD revolution, people! Ask your Wellness Coach if they have a degree in ANY nutrition/health field and I’m sure you will be surprised.  Keep your money, folks.  Try this all natural protein shake instead (found on Pinterest).  And throw that can of whatever you bought away!



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