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Find Your Support System and Keep Them Close

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Since starting as a nutritionist, I have found something that seems to ring true for most people that come to me looking to make a change.  They are all dealing with a “non-supporter”.  When making a lifestyle change, a positive attitude and outlook is a must.  You must WANT to change and you must know that it will take some time.  This is where the “non-supporter” can become detrimental to the progress of the person wanting to change.  A tight-knit team of supporters behind you or right there with you is a key component to being successful.  Here are some tips to make sure you are supported 100% on your health journey:

  • Don’t be afraid to ditch the “Negative Nancy”.  If someone has a problem with your desire to better yourself or is constantly making rude comments about your healthy choices, then don’t feel bad about letting them go.  Maybe only for a while, maybe for longer, but someone that supports you won’t make you feel bad about your new decisions. 
  • Find new friends that share the same visions as you.  Surrounding yourself with positive influences and role models are a sure way to keep yourself motivated and positive about the changes.  Join a fitness class or look into community activities that go right along with your new lifestyle. 
  • Talk with the people who may not be so supportive and communicate to them how much it means to you. 



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